Monday, January 31, 2011

Sally Squad: Engineer

Sally Squad is the name my friends and I used whenever playing Battlefield 2. What started as an in-joke among friends ended up with me making a custom of each member's preferred class.

This one is actually based on my wife, who often played the Engineer class and acted as our Commander to control asset drops, air strikes, uavs, and coordinate assaults.

I was stuck on the design until I found the tied-off coverall piece, and that really brought the concept together. This is one of my more successful attempts at repainting facial features.

Parts Recipe:
Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood - Head
Indiana Jones Mutt Williams - Arms
Star Wars Butlar Swan - Torso, Hands
Star Wars Comic Pack Luke Skywalker - Coveralls
25th Lady Jay - Body, Legs
ARAH Tripwire - Mines
Lego - Wrench
Marauder Gun
PTE Laptop

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