Monday, January 31, 2011

Sally Squad: Support

Sally Squad is the name my friends and I used whenever playing Battlefield 2. What started as an in-joke among friends ended up with me making a custom of each member's preferred class.

This one is based on one of the original Sallies, and though there's not much likeness other than the red hair and the ponytail I really like the way it came out.

Not a complex custom, but I really thought the paint job and gear selection, as well as the custom MG36 really came out well.

Parts Recipe:
25th Sgt. Airborne - Base figure
Star Wars Ganner Kreig - Head
Rollbar v2 - Helmet
25th Comic Pack Firefly - Vest, belt
MG36, drum, and bipod - Marauder kitbash
25th Red Star - Backpack
ROC Firefly - Ammo Pouch

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