Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shichi - Kyuzo Monk

Another Yakfinities entry, the theme this time was Arena Combatants.

Shichi (Japanese for 7, I believe, to continue the Seven Samurai homage that inspired the Clone Wars episode that marked this specie's first appearance) is loosely based on Yang from Final Fantasy 2 for his general design and attire.

Shichi is a Kyuzo Monk who abhors violence and conflict, but is forced to fight for sport by his cruel masters. The "slave-bracelet" on his forearm is surgically implanted to help ensure his obedience and prevent his escape, while the threat of retaliation against his brethren should he refuse to fight motivates his compliance in the arena.

Parts Recipe
Embo - Head, Arms, Hands, Feet
Emperor Palpatine Clone - Torso
Indy Jones Cairo Thug - Sash
Sharad Hett - Legs

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