Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Darklon - Destro's Bodyguard

Nothing too fancy here... I needed to add Darklon (Destro's "distant cousin") to my rank of Cobras, but knew he needed an updated look from his original garish toy debut. The military long coat Destro from Resolute is awesome, but doesn't quite fit with how I see Destro's character... but with a little added color and detailing, I think it works great for Darklon. I see him more as a would-be rival of Destro, honor bound to serve the head of the McCullen Clan and MARS as Destro's body guard, but harbors a lingering resentment that his branch of the family tree hasn't inherited the prestige and power Destro has.

Parts Recipe:
Darklon - Head Resolute 
Destro - Base Figure

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