Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slice - Arashikage Mercenary

If you asked me a few months ago if I thought I needed more Ninjas on my GI Joe shelf, I'd have told you no. Then the Retaliation line hit (before it was pulled) and my surprise favorite was the Red Ninja. It could be that I just never found Renegades Storm Shadow and didn't realize what an amazing sculpt Hasbro had come up with, but I ended up getting a few of them and loved how well they posed. With the accessories from the Ninja Shodown set I had an instant Arashikage army, and finally found myself interested in the martial arts aspect of the GI Joe universe. Slice was an obvious choice for a quick custom to add a leader to the group, and I stuck pretty close to the original look with a few added accessories.

I see what's left of the Arashikage clan working as mercenaries along side COBRA's own "in-house" martial artists, with Slice being the de facto leader of the Red Ninjas.

Parts Recipe:
Red Ninja - Base Figure
Ninja Showdown Red Ninja - Mask and Sugegasa
GI Joe Trooper - Cloak


  1. Glad you're posting again, Dan. You've been missed!

  2. Simple and effective. While I do like this mold, to me it just didn't work for SS at all as it just looked to "classic ninja" for him. His oversized backpack looked ridiculous as well so really you weren't missing much in my opinion. This mold is much better suited for the Red Ninja use. I am glad too to see you posting again as well!

  3. Thanks guys! I felt like I hadn't done anything in a while, but realized I just hadn't photographed and posted a half dozen or so projects. More in the works, as always. Really appreciate the feedback and support!