Thursday, December 20, 2012

R'neemyra - Wookiee Huntress

Made for the first Yakfinities I've been able to participate in a while, Ladies of the Galaxy, I opted to create a female wookiee.

Parts Recipe:
Rorworr - Head
Aurra Sing - Hair Plume
CW Chewbacca - Body, arms, hands, legs
CW Plo Koon - Arms Wraps
Wooof - Leg Wraps
Chewbacca - Feet


  1. I'm dying to know is the head still articulated and was it ball and socket or not

  2. The head, in theory, is still articulated, but it's pretty limited in range of motion by the way the fur hangs down around the neck.

    The Clone Wars Chewbacca DOES have a ball post neck, if I remember correctly, but the Rorworr head will need to be drilled / dremeled to accommodate it.