Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Dunn - Unbreakable

It took me around 10 years from when I first saw Unbreakable to when I was able to finally realize my custom of Mr. Glass. I was thrilled with the result, but was worried it would be another 10 years before I figured out how to do the film's reluctant hero, David Dunn. The key piece was a head sculpt from a military toy line that was obviously based on Bruce Willis... but I wrestled with how to do the rest of the figure. And then, one morning I woke up and headed straight to my work room and it just happened. And in a fit of creative inspiration, I decided to try and make it so the figure could represent some of his different looks. There's the fully cloaked Hero, the jacketed security guard look, and then an open-cloak version as well. The cloaks are a little short, but I think passable. I wanted to keep his color schemed to the subdued earth tones, yellows, and greens that identify him in the film. Had I managed to make the arms interchangeable, he could even have a Pre-Train Wreck version... something I might have to tackle later.

Parts Recipe:
Bruce Willis look-a-like - Head
Mutt - Torso
Roth-Del Masona - Arms
Neo-Viper - Upper Legs
Logan - Lower Legs
Tunnel Rat - Shoes
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Jacket
Orrimaarko - Open Cloak
Mon Mothma - 2 Part Cloak
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Ballcap
Resolute Storm Shadow - Hood

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deena Pilgrim - Detective

From "POWERS", Deena is a homicide detective in a world of super heroes and works cases involving superhumans with her partner, Christian Walker. Well, until things go really, really bad for her. But seriously, go read Powers.

Parts Recipe:
Starkiller Hero - Head
Padme Amidala - Upper Torso
Renegades Scarlett - Lower Torso, Upper Legs
Cover Girl - Arms
Cobra Commander - Lower Legs (shortened)
Specialist Trakker - Sneakers

Darklon - Destro's Bodyguard

Nothing too fancy here... I needed to add Darklon (Destro's "distant cousin") to my rank of Cobras, but knew he needed an updated look from his original garish toy debut. The military long coat Destro from Resolute is awesome, but doesn't quite fit with how I see Destro's character... but with a little added color and detailing, I think it works great for Darklon. I see him more as a would-be rival of Destro, honor bound to serve the head of the McCullen Clan and MARS as Destro's body guard, but harbors a lingering resentment that his branch of the family tree hasn't inherited the prestige and power Destro has.

Parts Recipe:
Darklon - Head Resolute 
Destro - Base Figure