Monday, September 24, 2012

Cobra Commander Vanity Statue

So one of the things I really enjoy doing is mashing together COBRA with real world images of power, like with my ARES Dictator and the COBRA Missile Silo. I love the idea of Cobra Commander having all this art made of him in various styles that he'd have shipped to whatever base he was working out of. Eventually I'd like this to be housed in a little museum diorama with all of his old costumes, cases with his original pistol and spoils of war, portraits on the wall... But here's the start, I'd imagine it would be titles something like "Cobra Commander Receives Divine Inspiration" or something nice and Renaissance-y like that. I just love the idea of Cobra using that period's imagery, and the elements it inherited from classical sculpture, to play up his own self importance. Originally I thought he'd be holding a globe, but once I realized the connection with the serpent imagery, I knew it had to be an apple. It's interesting trying to bridge the gap between the hobby and art worlds... often one group doesn't have the visual vocabulary of the other so there's a lot of issues with accessibility I'm encountering as I produce these and try to push them a little further into the realm of art. Ultimately though, it's about playing with the imagery and ideas of toys and just having fun with it... so I felt like it was at least successful on that account.

Parts Recipe:
Namor - Base Figure (with new hands joints filled to create a static pose)
Zartan - Base for sculpted hood
Wedding Cake Toppers - Pillars
Wooden Candle Stick Holder - Base

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Wasss once a man!" - Transformed Cobra Commander

Had some left over pieces from another reptilian custom, and decided this would be a fun and easy project. It's inspired by Cobra Commander's transformation into a giant snake from the old animated G.I. Joe movie. Though I'm not particularly crazy about Cobra-La and Cobra's mystical origins, the rest of the movie is some of the best 'Joe animation we've ever gotten, and the Commander's betrayal and disfigurement has always stuck with me. I think in my Joe-verse, maybe it's the rest of experimentation with Compound Z rather than the mutation spores of Cobra-La, and I'm thinking I might have to do a few more stages of his transformation, but I'm pretty happy with how he looks!

Parts Recipe:
ASM Lizard - Full figure (I used 2 of his skinnier forearms, moving the thumb on one to make it a left hand)

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Most Interesting Man In The World

Iron Will over at hosted an incredibly fun customizing contest called "Mascot Madness." It's actually the second time he's run it and there were some REALLY amazing entries, all based on incorporating various product/license/franchise mascots into the GI Joe mythos. My "Most Interesting Man In The World" managed to snag a 3rd place tie (shared with an amazing robotic Kool-Aid Man). Big thanks to Iron Will for running such a fun contest, and especially for the extremely generous prizes. Be sure to head over to the forums there to get info on the next round!

Here's some of the flavor text I submitted with my custom to fit the Dos Equis mascot into the Joe-verse.:

"He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble...
...and where everything's okay.

Any firearms he carries on assignment are unloaded...
...he just likes the way they look with his suit.

His file card lists his primary military specialty everything.

He is an honorary member of the Dreadnoks...
...despite having put them all in prison at least once.

He thought Snake-Eyes' real name was actually "Classified"... the commando had his name legally changed to that out of respect.

He has defeated an entire platoon of COBRA soldiers...
...just by sighing and telling them "I expected better of you."

He is immune to the effects of Compound Z...
...but not to the effects of a beautiful sunset.

He is...
...the Most Interesting Man in the World."

Parts Recipe:
Dr. Henry Jones Sr. - Head
Shipwreck - Torso
James McCullen XXIV - Arms, Legs
MIB Agent K - Jacket