Thursday, January 3, 2013

Captain Gunn - Rattataki Pirate

This figure sat on my shelf unfinished for a long time, and originally sported the head that I ended up using for my Most Interesting Man In The World custom when I realized I'd inadvertently made a really good likeness of the Dos Equis mascot. After that, it sat without a head or name or personality for a bit, until recently when I just started plugging various heads onto the body.

I was surprised that the alternate head for the Renegades Cobra Commander appealed to me as much as it did, and it reminded me of the character I used to run when we played the old West End Games D6 Star Wars RPG many, many years ago. "Captain Psycho Gunz" (ah, the follies of youth and character naming) wore a featureless silver face mask, that I wouldn't realize I had just copied from Cobra Commander's old look until many years later.

The connotation of an updated Cobra Commander design working as a more sophisticated version of my old RPG character really appealed to me, and for some reason visually it just "clicked". I was inspired enough to go back and add a little more detailing to his coat, and in the end I was pretty pleased with the final look.

And here's a little flavor text to go with his entry into this round of Yakfinities over at, Tatooine Residents.

While the notorious Captain Gunn seldom stays anywhere long enough to call it home, the space ports of Tatooine are a favorite hang out and hide out of the dapper scoundrel. Jovial and well dressed, his manner and attire don't exactly blend in with the drab scenery and dour expressions that fill the desert planet's landscape, but the Captain doesn't seem to mind. He prefers to spend his hard won credits in the outer rim where they go further. "I'd rather live like a king in the deserts of Tatooine than as a pauper in the under city of Coruscant!"

Captain Gunn's adventures have slowed down a bit in recent years, but rumors circle the cantinas saying he's looking for a new ship and feisty crew to roam the hyperlanes once more.

Parts Recipe:
Renegades Cobra Commander - Head
Resolute Cobra Commander - Gloves
Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise) - Torso, Legs
Anakin Skywaler (Clone Wars) - Elbows
Hondo Ohnaka - Coat, Upper Arms