Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Enloe Trials at

I don't plug the creative work of my fellow toy artists nearly enough, and it's pretty much inexcusable that I've never given YAK_Chewie at a shout out for his incredibly fun work on The Enloe Trials. Mixing custom action figures with handmade diorama settings, The Enloe Trials are the second volume of "photonovels" following the adventures of Rykrof Enloe as he takes on just about everything the Star Wars universe can throw at him. You can check our the latest installement, Chapter 3 - Revelations  at the forums. Or, if you want the full experience, head over to The Photonovel Alliance and start at the very beginning of the story with The Enloe Chronicles. Volume One of Rykrof's journey is a whopping 32 chapters showing off Chewie's amazing artistic talents as a customizer and story teller. The story continues in The Enloe Trials as the plot moves away from the Clone Wars and into the Classic Trilogy timeframe, and will bring you up to date on this saga many years in the making..

Frankly, for being a story told through medium of toys, it has no business being as good as it is. It's been fun to watch how Chewie tackles each installment over the years, constantly upping himself with each chapter. If nothing else, it's an amazing example of the narrative power of still images of static objects, and a really enjoyable way to browse the customizing and set building talents of the author.