Sunday, January 19, 2014

"When there's no more room in HELL, the dead will 'wok the EARTH!" Z-WOKS!

Well, I did manage to tackle one fun custom project over the fall. This served the dual purpose of being one of the pieces I exhibited in my senior art show, and was sent off to fellow customizer YAK_Chewie for a Secret Santa project over at 'Chewie does a great "photo-novel" series which recently introduced some zombies to his Star Wars universe, so I thought these critters would be a suitable gift. They're not as heavily modified as most of my work, being simple part swaps and repaints, but I figured at around half a dozen the quantity made up for doing any major alterations. I have a few more Ewoks in my spare parts bin, so we may eventually some more heavily decayed Z-woks in the future. I designed the poster based on the old Dawn of The Dead movie poster, and attached the print out to card board which fit perfectly into an old cinema scene set base. Hope to get around to tackling some more ideas like this one that have been floating around my head for a long time, these got a pretty great reception.

Parts Recipe:
Neo-Vintage Era Ewoks
Jedi Spirits Cinema Scene - Base

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