Monday, June 9, 2014

Chronophiles: The Reich Stuff

Chronophiles: The Reich Stuff is a series of alternate history action figures I made for a sculpture midterm while working on my BFA. I think it was one of my more successful attempts at bridging the gaps between hobby, craft, and art. Those are actually incredibly loaded descriptors, and a lot of my time in school was devoted to exploring how we navigate those labels, when they're helpful, and when they're limiting. C:TRS was also a means of exploring who gets lionized and who gets demonized in history, and who does and does not get representation when popular culture explores the past.

What set this project over the top, in my opinion, is the additional documentation I made. I had a pretty detailed story about how the timeline these figures are from differed from our, and rather than spell it all out for my audience, I decided to only give them glimpses into that world. On a whim at Half Price Books looking for inspiration, I tried to find books from the same era (or older than) my alt-history verse was set ib, and much to my surprise I found quite a bit. I harvested the blank binding pages and printed photographs and documents to accompany each character.

Amelia Earhart

George Washington Carver

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.

Charles Lingbergh

Adolf Hitler

"The Little Prince"

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