Thursday, July 17, 2014

Benedict "Gunner" Gordon - InGen Project Containment Unit

By the turn of the millenium, it was clear that all quarantine and containment measures had failed on both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna as InGen pursued sightings and incident reports up and down the west coast of Central America. When, almost unbelievable, reports started spreading to Polynesia and the Caribbean, InGen began to assemble a dedicated team of contractors to investigate and contain any further incidents.

Gordon is a former member of the Jamaican Defense Force. An accomplished solider, Gordon became disillusioned with the JDF's increasing role in policing drugs and relocated to Costa Rica. There he started a small military contracting operation, often recruiting fellow former JDF soldiers. Gordon excels at planning and logistics, and maintains a web of intelligence and supply connections throughout Central America and the Caribbean. His marksmanship along with his ability to procure just about any armament from his network earned his the InGen callsign "Gunner".

While Gunner himself is untouched, his JDF recruited mercenaries are simple part and accessory swaps meant to bolster the ranks of my InGen team.

Parts Recipe (Mercs):
Gunner Gordon - Base Figure
Wallace "Ripcord" Weems- Head
Mace Windu - Head
Sgt. Bazooka - Helmet
Recondo - Backpack
FN-FAL and SA80 - Maruader Gun Runners

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