Saturday, November 22, 2014

COBALTs mk II - Blue Lasers Massive Mobile Armor

After I completed the original COBALTs, I discovered the same figure had been released in 6" scale. I tracked some down and went about making big brothers for my original design. It wasn't quite as easy as I expected, as the right and left arm sockets are different, to prevent the arms from inadvertently being swapped when assembling the Build A Figure, but a few cuts and dremeled out sockets let me put them together with the reverse torso and swapped arms of their smaller counterparts. I went through a lot of ideas for their gear and how to handle the large opening left by removing the head and neck plug, but settled on using up some out spring loaded accessories. I've been snagging some LEGO elements that aren't completely obvious like the hoses, and was able to tie everything together when I settled on a shoulder mounted rocket system for the "backpack".

Parts Recipe:
Iron Monger (BAF) - Base Figure
War Machine - Smaller Cannon Barrel, Larger Cannon Side Engine
Rahm Kota's Militia Elite - Larger Cannon Barrel
Arena Conflict Accessory Set - Rocket Launcher Pack
Metal-Head - Missiles
Heavy Duty - Larger Cannon
Agent Helix - Smaller Cannon
LEGO - Hoses, Connections, and Details

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