Monday, March 31, 2014

Kryten - Series 4000 Mechanoid

Kryten (full designation Kryten 2X4B-523P) is the service mechanoid salvaged (rescued?) by the remaining crew of the Red Dwarf from the crash of the Nova 5. As the costumes on Red Dwarf vary greatly from series to series, this is a bit of an amalgamation or "movie" version of Kryten. I'm not entirely happy with the head, but it does have a somewhat pleasant "deadness" to it, a bit more morose and like Marvin the Paranoid Android. Good enough for this project, and hopefully the start of doing the whole Red Dwarf crew.

Parts Recipe:
Destro - Head
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Base Figure
Recondo - Thighs
Even Piell - Hands
Clone Trooper (Training Fatigues) - Chest armor

Steel Cobra - BAT Prototype

Another custom based on an international release I started years ago, Steel Cobra (originally Cobra De Aço) has seen official release since I began mine. It's mostly true to the original design, but I tweaked it a bit to fit in with how I envision the character to fit into the 'Joe mythology. I've always thought it looked very similar to the Cobra Battle Android Trooper, so I've decided the Steel Cobra was an early attempt at a robotic soldier, probably just a one off prototype.

The figure has been mostly complete for a while, but a chest emblem from finished him off.

Parts Recipe:
Tripwire - Base figure
Snake Eyes - Head

Hunter - Anti-Armor Specialist

Hunter is another remake of an international figure, that I've been waiting to finish for a while. I've had some luck with waterslide decals for flag patches, but didn't think they're work well for the yellow on black for the SAS logo he needed. I found a suitable alternative at, and while this set of decals is little too large to work for chest emblems normally, the web gear hides the part that's too long.  Otherwise, this was just a simple project to round out the ranks of my international based GI Joe cutsoms.

Parts Recipe:
Python Officer - Base Figure
Cobra Officer - Helmet, Webgear

COBRA Mortal - Snake Eyes Clone

I started this figure a few years ago when I was tackling some of the foreign release figures from GI Joe, like Sokerk, TNT, and Glenda. Since then, a lot of these figures have seen official releases from the GI Joe Collector's Club, but I'm happy sticking with my interpretations.

COBRA Mortal was a strange design, a recolored and chromed version of Snake Eyes's first figure. I wasn't interested in trying to match the original parts, so I went for a more loose interpretation. I'd use silver, red, and black to try and come up with an "evil Snake Eyes" character. I've decided that the MORTAL project was an attempt by Mindbender to clone Snake Eyes, and true to cartoon science logic, his facial wounds were replicated in the clone as well.

I decided to pull him out of my WIP (works in progress) bin, detail him a bit and match all the silver. What really finished him though was purchasing a set of COBRA emblem decals from

Parts Recipe:
Mercenary Wraith - Head and Facemask
Cobra Eel - Base Figure
Anthony "Flash" Gambello - Hands
Dark Ninja - Swords

BJ Blazkowicz - Wolfenstein 3D

Following up on my Marine from DOOM, this is the granddaddy of FPS heroes, BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. BJ's character art is about as sporadic as the DOOM Marine's, so I stuck mostly to the few glimpses we got of him in the actual game.

I was always struck that one in game image showed him as barefoot, which made sense considering he was a prisoner of war, and it had a nice "Die Hard" element  to it, so I stuck with that for my interpretation. I went with a torn up top as the prisoner gear was going to be pretty dull visually, so I thought a little "battle damage" would be a good choice to break up the gray.

The HUD portrait looks remarkably similar to the DOOM Marine, so I knew I wanted to use the same base head, but modify the hair so they'd still look unique. I believe some DOOM supplemental material suggests the protagonist is in fact a descendant of Blazkowicz.

Parts Recipe:
Chuckles - Head
Snake Eyes - Torso, Arms
Spc. Altitude - Left Shoulder
Duke - Left Thigh
Hit and Run - Right Thigh
Shockblast - Knees
Duke - Lower Legs
Weapon X - Feet
Indian Jones Accessories - Luger P08, MP-40, Spear of Destiny

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wingman - G.I. Jeff

Soooo... Community is doing an animated G.I Joe episode this season. I heard about this Monday morning. I had finished this figure by Monday night. I'm pretty excited to see the episode and hopefully do figures of every. single. character. I'd been wanting to revisit Community custom figures ever since I did Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie, and could not have asked for better source material to work from! You can see Jeffrey "Wingman" Winger's character design over at General's Joes.

I'm sure I'll be tweaking his gear based on the episode, but I'm super happy with how he came out. Now if I could only get these to show up on a shelf in Abed's apartment...

GI Joe Trooper (alternate head) - Head
Shipwreck - Upper Torso
Spc. Altitude - Lower Torso
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Lower Arms, Upper Legs
Duke - Upper Arms
Beachhead - Lower Legs
Specialist Trakker - Harness
General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy - Belt and Holster

Infected Marine

Just another background zombie that was sitting around waiting to be finished, using some great casted zombie parts from Keenan over at He does a pretty great zombie diostory called End of Days that I need to catch up on.

The head was originally a zombie cop, I think, with a bit of a casting defect over one eye. So I just sanded of the badge on the cap and drilled out the side of the face with the defect to look like a wound, and he makes a good counterpart for my Infected Infantry.

Parts Recipe:
Zartan (or similar ROC figure) - Base Figure
Keenan Kasts - Head, Hands

Proto-Bio-Vipers - Genetically Engineered Soldiers

Just a simple set of figures based on the Bio-Vipers from GI Joe: Renegades. These were clearance sections finds, and while they don't match the design from the cartoon exactly, with a coat of blue paint they're good enough for "prototypes" to have laying around Mindbender's lab.

Parts Recipe:
Redakai Chemaster - Base Figure

Friday, March 14, 2014

DOOM Marine

This is another long term project I've finally gotten around to finishing. I scrapped everything but the arms, head, and helmet and put this together in one night. I tried to pull together his design based on the inconsistent game sprites, title screen, and miscellaneous art and come up with a cohesive and recognizable look for him. The real fun began when I decided I had to make a BFG9000 to go along with him, and again I allowed myself some artistic interpretation but tried to keep the weapon recognizable, if not absurdly large. It's nice to crank out a fun figure like this after a series of challenging projects.

Parts Recipe:
Chuckles - Head
Dr. Mindbender - Upper Arms
Shipwreck - Lower Arms
Duke - Torso
Roadblock - Upper Legs, BFG9000
Recondo - Lower Legs
Mercenary Wraith - Armor
Cobra Eel - Helmet
Storm Shadow Disc Launcher x2 - BFG9000

Krang's Android Body

Every now and then I have to acknowledge the goofier side of the toylines I grew up with. The cartoon was my main introduction to the TMNT universe, and I always loved Krang for some reason. I was always disappointed he never really appeared in the other continuities as a villain, and despite its ridiculousness I always loved the robot body he rode around in.

I started this way back when the Iron Man 2 figures were first on the shelves, and just now got around to finishing up the paint job and calling it done.

Parts Recipe:
Mk1 Iron Man - Base Figure
Scrap-Iron - Visor
Krang - Original Sculpt

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Shredder - FOOT Clan Master

Here's another 80's villain for my collection. This is actually my second attempt at the main adversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was unhappy with lack of spikes on my first try, and initially thought I'd start over from scratch. But there was a lot I liked about the figure, so I decided to try to add more armor and pointy-bits.

It's been a frustrating figure to work on, the spikes are so small and fragile, silver paint is always a pain to work with, his torso looks broken in the group shot with the FOOT Soldiers, but he's done and I'm generally happy with the result.

I was particularly happy with his trophy staff... all it needs is a giant rat skull.

Parts Recipe:
Storm Shadow - Head, Torso, Arms, Scarf
Storm Shadow - Feet
Red Ninja- Upper Legs
Kamakura - Lower Legs, Gauntlets
Neo-Viper Vest - Shoulder Armor

Monday, March 3, 2014

LEGO Exo-Suit from set 9497

Here's a fun little MOC I did from one of the LEGO Star Wars The Old Republic sets. Not quite big enough to call a "mech", I was particularly pleased with the unfolding cockpit and flipdown HUD.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Foot Soldiers - Hi-Tech Ninja Mercenaries

Another attempt to tie in more 80/90's badguys into my GI Joe/Cobra universe, here's my take on the Foot Soldiers from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Though visually based on the robotic Foot Soldiers from the cartoon's continuity, I envision these updates as a rival mercenary ninja group to Red Ninjas/Arashikage. While the Red Ninja focus on traditional methods and uniforms (in part to play up the mystique of their operation as a means to confuse their enemies) I see the modern Foot clan as decidedly more hi-tech in appearance and operation.

Part Recipe:
Firefly - Head
Zartan - Torso, Arms
Storm Shadow - Legs
Storm Shadow - Sword and Backpack

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dice - COBRA/Foot Clan Liason

I can't quite bring myself to buy any of the Joe Collector's Club figures. While there are some appealing designs, the price point is just to high to justify. And with the time spent making my own, I may not come out ahead but I've got something unique and made to suite my tastes.

So when I tackled Dice to go along with partner in crime, Slice, I thought it might be a neat chance to also tie him into the Foot Clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lore, and painted him the same shade of purple as my custom Foot Soldiers.

Part Recipe:
Loki - Head
Storm Shadow - Torso, Upper Legs, Axes, Guando, Mask
Storm Shadow - Arms, Lower Legs
Storm Shadow - Chestpiece

Lord Dread - Evil Mastermind of the Bio Dread Empire

Another more obscure 80/90's toy villain, Lord Dread hails from Captain Power and the Soldier of the Future. It was a live action show that some of the toys could actually interact with, kind of like Duck Hunt and the Light Zapper from the NES. I only owned a few of the figures, and never saw much of the series, but he's a great figure design and I felt like a suitable addition to my Axis of Evil 80's Villains.

Parts Recipe
Iron Grenadier - Body, Upper Arms, Lower Legs
Dr. Mindbender - Modified Head
COBRA B.A.T. - Cyber Arm Elbow
Destro - Cyber Arm Hand
War Machine - Cyber Arm Gauntlet
COBRA Trooper - Lower Arm
Zartan - Upper Leg
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Upper Leg
Luke Skywalker (Imperial Guard Disguise) - Cape

COBRA Astro-Viper

Bucky at is hosting a custom contest as part of Custom Celebration 8. I can honestly say if it weren't for my other Custom Celebration projects getting my customizing gears turning at full speed, I'd have never tackled this figure. I wasn't a very big fan of the original, and I had no idea which character from the contest's options I was going to tackle, but the Mr. Freeze figure I'd snagged just because the helmet was so COOL (sorry) turned out to be the inspiration I needed. The figure went together remarkably easy, and a lot of the parts were chosen to be a close match of the paint needed, to make the figure more posable/playable without paint rub. Ideally, the helmet/backpack would be able to open up and reveal a standard torso and head underneath, but as it it's a permanent piece. Still, I think he came out pretty fun!

Parts Recipe:
Mr. Freeze - Helmet, Upper Toros
Destro - Lower Torso, Arms, Lower Legs
TRU Charbroil - Hands
Astro-Viper - Upper Legs, Hip Support Joints
Dark Ninja - Control Arms
COBRA Trooper - Guns

Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the United State

I had a commission request to revisit my Steampunk Lincoln in his standard historical form. I was happy to oblige, as it's a fun figure to work on, one of my favorites I've done, and was a way to work on it again with out doing the EXACT same thing.

Parts Recipe:
XMO Wolverine Movie Sabertooth - Head, Arms, Legs
Indian Jones Henry Jones Sr. - Torso
Cobra Commander - Shoes
Golden Compass Lee Scoresby - Coat Mascot Contest - Captain Joe Customs

This was my entry into the mascot design contest. I was pretty happy with how he came out, but he went up against some really great competition. I think the biggest reason he didn't do better is because a lot of the entries went wild with the accessories in addition to wonderful character designs, and the Captain just look a little empty handed in comparison.

It was a lot of fun to participate, and I think this recipe could be used to make a pretty great Chef Roadblock figure, too.

Parts Recipe:
The Corps! Bolder - Head
Dusty - Helmet, Lower Legs
Roadblock - Torso, Arms, Upper Legs
Roadblock - Custom Modular Hands (standard, thumbs up, and pointing)

Hunt For The Holocron - Talon Ma'Tega

I wanted to finish making all of the characters from the fanfilm I helped do the model effects for, Hunt For The Holocron. Having made 6 of the film's 8 characters, it felt like a shame not to finish out the set.

Talon is the formidable alien bounty hunter hired by Lord Dregr to obtain the Holocron.

Parts Recipe:
Antares Draco - Body
Firefly - Helmet and Gauntlets
Koffi Arana - Blades

Hunt for the Holocron - Oci Kent

I wanted to finish making all of the characters from the fanfilm I helped do the model effects for, Hunt For The Holocron. Having made 6 of the film's 8 characters, it felt like a shame not to finish out the set.

Oci is the pilot friend of Jedi E'Din Kyle, and the film begins with the two trying to transport an important Holocron back to Coruscant...

Parts Recipe:
Vader's Secret Apprentice - Head
Rebel Ground Crew - Arms
Han Solo - Vest
Han Solo - Chest
Major Panno - Belt, Shirt Tail
Borsk Fey'Lya - Legs