Saturday, April 4, 2015

COBALTs mk III - Blue Lasers Massive Mobile Armor

Another take on turning a 6" scale robot suit into a large mech in 4" scale. Simple modifications like removing the head, reversing the torso, and reversing the legs so they have a "chicken walker" style stance can really make a humanoid figure look much more robotic. I wasn't as pleased with this one as with the previous COBALTs, but I still think it came out well.

Parts recipe:
Iron Monger (Blue Variant) - Base Figure
Funskool Crimson Guard Immortal - Missile Pods
Arena Conflict Accessory Set - Missiles
Admiral Ackbar - Missile Pod Stabilizer
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Cannon Body
Shipwreck - Cannon Barrel
LEGO - Hoses and Missile Pod Articulatio
Grizzly Gundam - Hands

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