Saturday, November 21, 2015

HLK (Heavy Utility/Loader Kind) - STAR WARS Avengers

"In an attempt to research alternative combat resources to the Clone Army, a Republic scientist pursued an experiment to create superior military droids to those relied on by the Separatists. His research involved a variation of “reverse flash training,” essentially using sentients’ brain-scans to imprint advance logic and reasoning onto artificial droid minds.

He, and all of his research into the field, were seemingly destroyed when he initiated a self-destruct measure when Separatist forces attempted to steal his project. In the ensuing chaos, he was able to imprint part of his mind into a simple Heavy Utility/Loader Kind droid he’d been experimenting on, capable of withstanding the destruction of the facility around it.

This HLK droid then wandered the galaxy, housing the secret intellect of a great scientist and the advanced combat protocols he’d designed inside. It remains unclear which “voice” is truly in control, and though now a valuable ally to the Alliance Special Forces group, AVENGERS, it is as can be as unpredictable as it is destructive."

This is a actually recycled custom I made a while back of a generic industrial droid. I went for a green repaint and added some wrist and knee articulation.

Parts Recipe:
Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man Armored Adventures) - Base Figure
Hulk Buster Iron Man (90's Toy Biz) - Shoulder Armor
Deep Dive Iron Man - Knees

Friday, November 20, 2015

Captain Alderaan - STAR WARS Avengers

I actually started this first batch of STAR WARS AVENGERS back when Disney first purchased Star Wars. They've sat on my shelf for a while as I wanted to go back and add more insignias to Captain Aldeeran's armor.

"The sole survivor of an experiment to apply Clone combat training and flash learning to non-Clone soldiers representing various member-systems of the Republic, the volunteer from Alderaan was cryo-frozen in an emergency medical pod when the research facility housing the project fell to Separatist sabotage.

Thought dead, he drifted frozen in Outer Rim for decades until a chance rescue by Rebel salvagers. Essentially brought back from the dead, he was recruited by former Clone Commander Fury to join the Alliance in taking on the Galactic Empire, to bring back the ideals of the Republic that had fallen while he been in suspended animation.
He took on the title of Captain Alderaan in memory of his lost homeworld, and fashioned his armor after the Clone soldiers who had once been the champions of the Republic."

The inkjet waterslide decal I used for his shield lost a lot of its pigment in the transfer process, so looks pretty rought on his shield. I've since switched to laser printer decals that work much, much better.

Parts Recipe:
Cloud Car Pilot - Head
Republic Commando Boss - Torso, Gauntlets, Hands
Clone Trooper Heavy (Training Gear) - Shoulders, Thighs
Galactic Marine - Boots
Rebel Trooper - Helmet, with LEGO visor
Embo - Shield