Monday, December 11, 2017

Calavera - Range-Viper

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. I can’t remember if someone else suggested EVY from the DIC cartoons or if I came across her and thought she’d be a good addition. The figure came together very quickly, and I thought the Skull Squad color scheme looked excellent on her. Her codename was SCAVENGER for a bit until BUCKY remembered Resurgence already used that name. I decided on CALAVERA, the Day of the Dead ornamental skulls, to go along with her Range-Viper mask and the Skull Squad theme.

Zanya - Head, Lower Arms
Snakebite - Torso, Upper Arms
Lady Jaye - Upper Legs
Range Viper - Helmet, Dagger
Alley-Viper - Boots
Scarf - Beachhead

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