Monday, December 11, 2017

Discharge - Unconventional Weaponry

Created for PHX Customs 2017 Project GI JOE REDEMPTION. I’ve been playing with a Left4Dead/COBRA inspired diostory idea for YEARS, and had the original version of what would become DISCHARGE sitting in my WIP box for almost as long. I like the idea of a TOXO-VIPER with just the lower half of his gear on. When this project came up, he seemed like a good fit, but it wasn’t until I asked for some name suggestions and Bucky came up with DISCHARGE that it all came together. It was perfect, a little gross but also a great double meaning. I decided he was just about the most unlikable person ever, and is always getting kicked out of anything he joins. The chemical pack was a fun, lets just glue tanks and hoses together and see what happens project, and I added the purple scarf as a callback to his TOXO-VIPER history.

Zartan - Head
Joe Colton - Torso, Arms
Star Wars Pilot - Gloves
Resolute Beachhead - Legs
Winter Soldier - Boots
Major Bludd - Scarf

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