Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dusty - REDEMPTION Recruiter

Created for the PHX Customs 2017 project, GI JOE REDEMPTION. I didn’t know about Dusty’s past as a COBRA until the new sculpt era release of the figure that came with a CD with those episodes of the cartoon on it. My brother got it for my birthday, knowing Dusty had been my favorite as a kid. I really like the idea that even though it was an undercover operation, it all still weighs pretty heavy on Dusty’s conscious. He always seemed like one of the nicest guys, and the Joes just HATE him in those episodes because they think he’s gone traitor. I toyed with a lot of ideas for a more civilian look for him, and I’m a little bummed I didn’t find a way to get a Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School t-shirt into this design, but I was pretty happy with the look I did come up with.

Steve Rogers - Head, Gloves, Belt
Recondo - Torso, Arms
Airtight - Vest
Tunnel Rat - Legs
Wild Bill - Buckle
Army of Darkness Ash - Shotgun, Holster
Lowlight - Satellite Phone

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