Sunday, December 10, 2017

ECHO - Enhanced Combat Heavy Ordnance

Created for PHX Customs 2017 project GI JOE REDEMPTION. One of my early ideas for the team was a reprogrammed BAT. Sam/doe138 did some great sketches and had some good ideas for the character that really helped flesh out the concept. I rebuilt his torso a few times before settling on this design, and adding as many BAT elements as I could. His chest plate can, in theory, come off to reveal the standard BAT guts, but the paint and decal more or less sealed it into place. I tried a few different heads before I had the idea to turn the Marauder’s armored mask into a BAT helmet, and I think it came out pretty great!

Data-Viper - Head
Terminator Salvation T-700 - Torso, Shoulders
BAT - Forearms, Chestplate
COBRA Shock Trooper - Legs
Captain America - Boots
Sidon Ithano - Gun
X-Men Commando - Ammo Belt
Neo-Viper - Inner Backpack
Viper-Commando - Outer Backpack

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