Monday, November 20, 2017

G.I. Joe Resurgence Years 1-3 - Figure Poster

Here's a poster I did featuring every figure by PHX Customs for years 1-3 of G.I. Joe Resurgence.

G.I. Joe Resurgence III - Toy Catalog

G.I. Joe Resurgence is a project by a group of customizers that imagines an entirely new, complete line of figures and vehicles that's a spiritual continuation of G.I. Joe's "glory days". PHX Customs have put together an exceptional collection of customs, but that's really just the beginning. There's an on going story arc between each year of Resurgence, as well as professionally designed card backs and other packaging. For Resurgence 3, I did another round of catalogs that featured all of PHX Customs figures, vehicles and playsets. This was also the year I officially joined the PHX Customs crew as a full fledged member and contributed my first figure, GLITCH 3.0, to the project.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tall Man and Mike - Phantasm Minifigures

A couple of part-swapped custom LEGO Minifigures from Phantasm, just in time for Halloween. TALL MAN with Sentinel Sphere and MIKE with Fear Box.

Monday, August 14, 2017

COBRA Corporation Trooper - LIBERTY 2215

COBRA Corporation Troopers are part solider, part law enforcement and part military unit. Any element that threatens the profits of the COBRA Corporation are considered criminal and enemies of the state, and are dealt with swiftly by COBRA's forces.

CCTs wear heavier armor than their Officers; bulkier, more restrictive of movement, and less ornate. They're expected to be fearless and and unreserved in their defense of the Corporation.

These two were made for the LIBERTY 2215 group project at joecustoms, which depicts a far-future world where COBRA has evolved into a super-corpo-nation, but didn't get finished in time for the deadline.

Parts Recipe:
ROC Cobra Commander - Torso
Resolute Zartan - Armor
Retaliation Zartan - Thighs
Zartan - Shoulders
FLAK Viper - Helmet
Destro - Guantlets and Gloves
Resolute Snake Eyes - Knees and Boots
Darth Vader - Lower Armor

COBRA Corporation Officer - LIBERTY 2215

COBRA Corporation Officers, like the Troopers they oversee, are part law enforcement and part military unit. Any element that threatens the profits of the COBRA Corporation are considered criminal and enemies of the state, and are dealt with swiftly by COBRA's forces.

Officers enjoy an advanced and ornate suit of high tech body armor that allow them greater mobility (and comfort) than standard Troopers, meant to inspire respect (or at least obedience) in all citizen-shareholders.

I was totally sold by the Black Vulture con exclusive that used this chest with a COBRA emblem painted on it. I took a lot of my inspiration from the Advent character designs from X-Com 2, and tried to use that look as a base for my future version of the COBRA's rank and file. I had wanted to try to make a red half-cape work (like the Advent Captains in X-Com), but it felt too much like the Iron Grenadiers Destro, so I opted to not include it.

LIBERTY 2215 was a that revisited the world of LIBERTY 2198.

Parts Recipe:
Wallace "Ripcord" Weems - Torso, Waist
Iron Grenadier - Shoulder, Legs
Destro - Arms
Flak-Viper - Head
Cable - Sidearm

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hatchling with Baroness - COBRA Go-Kart and Driver

BARONESS'S personal COBRA-Cart is the HATCHLING, a miniature version of the HISS built for both speed and strength. The large treads and low center of gravity help it plow over (or straight through) just about any obstacle she might encounter on the track (or off it, if any short-cuts are spotted). It's basically just a tank engine with an attached seat, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in raw power. THE BARONESS did allow herself a little fun in designing it though, and managed to sweet-talk DESTRO into donating an old battle mask for the hood ornament.

I suck at vehicles. There's a point about half-way through where everything just starts going wrong. This was supposed to be a mini-HISS like go-cart, but it really just looks like a tractor or bulldozer without the blade. There's a lot of modifications that went well, but in the end I still need a lot more practice with spray paints to get the smooth finish I'm wanting. There was a GI Joe counterpart to this that I abandoned on the last day of the project just from how discouraged I was with how the vehicles were coming out. Originally, the driver was going to be a Baroness style after Fast Pussycat, Kill! Kill! but I liked how she was coming out so much I decided she needed to be an original character to save for later. For as disappointed as I am in the vehicles, I'm really happy with the Baroness. The proportions on the "new sculpt" era Joes are all over the place, but that torso and waist is pretty solid. It was an experiment if I could make those parts work for a modern style figure, and I think it came out great.

Parts Recipe:
Weapon Transport - Base Body
Wetsuit Flashlight - Headlights
Polar Battle Bear - Seat Back Frame
Model Car Kit - Inner Seat, Blower, Tread Guards
CAT Bull Dozer - HISS-Style Treads
LEGO - Exhaust Pipes
DESTRO - Hood Ornament
Armadillo - Rollbars

SpyTroops Era Baroness - Torso, Waist
Baroness - Legs
Lady Sif - Head
Resolute Baroness - Glasses
Black Widow - Gloves
Agent 13 - Arms

Monday, August 7, 2017

Virgil - Lemurian Scholar

I never played with Mighty Max toys as a kid, but the cartoon sort of blew my mind. It had a lot of implied and overt darkness for children's cartoon, especially for when it came out. Quite a few 90's cartoons seemed to be trying to emulate the sophistication and success of the Batman Animated Series, but most of them did a pretty poor imitation. A few gems, like Mighty Max, managed to emulate a lot of the right aspects.

Virgil was the bird/owl/chicken?-like Guide for the Mighty One. I'm particularly happy with how this guy came out, almost like a Henson-creature update to the design. 

Parts Recipe:
Schliech Owl - Head, Feet
Thuggee Guard - Torso, Arms, Robes
Orn Free Taa - Hands
Henry Jones Sr. - Glasses
Hard Master - Rolled Up Scroll
Jawa - Legs