Friday, December 31, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

It seems appropriate that now is when I finally get around to getting a web presence up and running to archive some of my creative work, it being New Year's Eve and all. The past year and a half since my surgery has been interesting, and while I've long felt stir crazy from being at home most of that time, I do appreciate the chance it gave me to finally allow myself to be creative full time. I'll be adding my custom work to the site as I create new projects, as well as back logging my work up to this point.

For a snapshot of what I've been spending my time doing, you can check out my profile at Just seeing the thumbnail archive of the I've been working on really does give me a sense of satisfaction... and that actually excludes all of the Star Wars based projects I've worked on and some other miscellaneous projects.

Here's hoping this year is even more productive than the last.