Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Steps

I was a little dismayed to see that just as I was beginning to dip my toes in to working with dioramas, Hobby Lobby seemed to be cutting way back on the Woodland Scenics products they were carrying to focus more on a line called Scene-A+-Rama, which seemed to focus primarily at school projects.

Turns out the line is actually part of Woodland Scenics, and I picked up the Student Handbook which looked very promising as far covering the basics of diorama building.

I've completed two small projects so far, my desert outpost and a city alley:

I was mostly pleased with the results, but felt I was struggling with some pretty basic concepts as I worked on them. Most of the information in the book is easily available online, and in greater detail, but having the basics in an easily browsing format seems like its going to help me a lot as I tackle more complex projects.

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  1. Holy shit-- the top one especially is uncanny. Your Photoshoppery has given you a ridiculously refined eye for detail. You're going to make some awesome shit for Martin's movie.