Friday, January 14, 2011

Captain Hammer - Super Hero

Once I decided to make Dr. Horrible, I realized quickly I needed to take a crack at his nemesis Captain Hammer. I was extremely pleased with how quickly he came together, and think the head is a surprisingly good likeness with the orginal mustache removed. His boots and gauntlets are actually a little more detailed than their movie counterparts, as I wasn't restricted to the shoestring costuming budget the short film was. I feel like they're nice additions without being untrue to the wonderful and simple original.

I have my wife's steady hand to thank for painting the hammer-logo on his chest. She really did a great job on it!

Parts Recipe:
25th Recondo - Head
ROC General Hawk - Torso, Upper Arms, Thighs
25th Shipwreck - Arms
25th Comic Pack Destro - Gloves
25th Crimson Guard - Boots

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