Sunday, January 23, 2011

Constable Nicholas Angel from "Hot Fuzz"

There had been some great Shaun of the Dead customs made with the Star Trek Scotty head, which proved that under a wonky paintjob was a passable likeness of the Great Simon Pegg.

I decided my NECA ShaunOTD figures had me covered for that character, so I was left to decide if I'd tackle Tim from Spaced or Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz. I decided that London's Best Cop would make a far more exciting addition to my shelf.

The bulky ROC body armor makes a nice trim bullet proof vest when cut down, but had to be glued shut for the snug look.

Parts Recipe:
Star Trek Scotty - Head
25th Cobra Vehicle Driver - Torso
25th Comic Pack Shipwreck - Upper Arms, Lower Torso, Legs
25th Dr. Mindbender - Lower Arms, Gloves
ROC Baroness - Shades
ROC PIT Commando - Modified Vest
ARAH Muskrat shotgun, Falcon shotgun, TBP rifle - Guns

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