Friday, January 14, 2011

Doctor Horrible - Evil League of Evil costume

About 30 seconds into Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog I knew I'd eventually have to tackle him for a custom figure. Can't say enough wonderful things about that little project that could and how brilliantly it came out.

The figure itself is based on his look after he's accepted into the Evil League of Evil, it probably gets about .75 seconds of air-time, but I knew the version of Dr. Horrible I wanted on my shelf was the red lab-coated victorious super-villain.
The biggest hold up on the project was finding a suitable head sculpt, and while this one is far from identical to the amazing Neil Patrick Harris I do think it's at least passable for a figure based on his Doc Horrible look. Painting the shadows under the eyes really helped the likeness, I think.

For the costume itself, I took some liberties, making it a bit fancier than the one we saw on screen. I figured that since the original was made on such a tight budget, maybe this is closer to the "big screen" version of his outfit.

Parts Recipe
25th Chuckles - Head
ROC Storm Shadow - Torso, Coat, Death Ray
ROC Flash - Legs
Star Wars Red B-Wing Pilot - Arms
Comic Pack Firefly - Lab Goggles, modified

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