Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Two things really inspired this: Jin Saotome's Alt-History figures, and Wolfenstein 3d. My main concern when working on it was being sure that it would be instantly recognizable as an homage to the way Hitler appears as a pop culture boogeyman in comics and video games, etc., and wouldn't be mistaken for anything celebrating or glorifying the actual historical figure. I felt that certain imagery, like the chest emblem or the red arm band, were acceptable, while adding any swastikas would be taking it too far.

The head choice seemed particularly appropriate, as the actor who portrayed Admiral Ozzle in The Empire Strikes back also played Hitler in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and I felt my modifications worked quite well for the resemblance.

Parts Recipe:
Star Wars Admiral Ozzle - Head
Iron Man 2 Comic Original Iron-Man - Base Figure
Marvel Legends Baron Zemo Staff Head - Chest Emblem
BAT Attachments and JvC Guns - Arm Cannons
Star Wars Rum Slegg - Backpack and Hoses
Spray Bottle Cap - Dome Helmet

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