Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mirialan Recruit

This is another figure created for "Yakfinities #39 - Alien Military". This was basically a repaint to practice some detailing, such as the deep blue piping around some of the tan areas.

This base figure is from the Clone Wars sub-line of Star Wars action figures. These figures are sculpted in a somewhat more stylistic manner to match their cartoon/cgi appearance. The trick is to find figures who aren't too exaggerated, and to hide the features that are exaggerated, so they can blend in with the "realistic" styled figures that make up the majority of my work.

Here, for instance, the forearms were shortened, the feet were set higher up into the boot area, shortening the legs, and the large head was replaced with a somewhat more proportional one. 

The figure itself is meant to be a counterpart to the Arconan Soldier; another Separatist fighter during the Clone Wars. The green-skinned Mirialan often sport detailed, geometric facial tattoos that mark their accomplishments. I decided to leave this one's face bare to note the fact that she's a young recruit and has yet to prove herself.

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