Monday, January 31, 2011

Sally Squad: Pilot

Sally Squad is the name my friends and I used whenever playing Battlefield 2. What started as an in-joke among friends ended up with me making a custom of each member's preferred class.

There's no actual "pilot" kit in BF2, but since I was already working on a Medic (preferred class) for a friend, I decided to make my figure Sally Squad's chopper pilot. I can't say why really, but my favorite part of BF2 was always flying the squad around in the Blackhawk.

My choice in weapon came from my preferred weapon from the Medic kit.

I carved off the flip down goggles of the helmet, but my attempt to cover and patch the hole didn't hold well.

Parts Recipe:
Star Wars Hoth Soldier - Head
Elite Forces - Helmet
25th Comic Pack Ace/Wild Weasel - Combined Body
G36E - Marauder

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