Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Keeping busy with a few projects I've been meaning to finish up for a while, hence the lack of posts. I can forgive myself for letting the site be a little quiet if I'm making up for it at time at the work bench.

Custom Celebration has started over at JoeCustoms.com. Lots of fun topics, interviews, and projects to check out over the next few weeks including the Original Character Custom Contest. Lots of amazing entries... I'll have to wait to reveal which one is mine until voting has ended.

I've also got 5 or 6 figures I'm trying to pull together in time for Custom Con 28. 2 are completely done, 1 just needs some decals, another is about halfway complete... and two are just ideas right now. We'll see if I can pull them together in time.

Toy Fair has come along and promised wonderful future 'Joe figures and plenty of fodder to keep me busy in the coming year...

Got some ideas for diorama projects to begin to work on those skills... including a rough concept for a series of photography projects that could eventually turn into a book idea.

We'll see what actually pans out!

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Seriously: wow!

    How did I never see Johnny Cash in that head sculpt before?

    This is pure awesome!!!