Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thellik - Quarren Bounty Hunter

I believe this was my first time to participate in the Yakfinities contests at Yakface.com.

On Thellik, I liked the idea of a hunter who only went after droids, who saw himself more as a repo man than a bounty hunter. His color scheme is "beach tones" to tie in with the Quarren aspect of his character. I think the light colored boots give him a somewhat 70's sci-fi look for some reason, but I don't think that's entirely out of place.

Parts Recipe:
Head: Tessek
Torso: Dash Rendar
Upper Arms: Jar-Jar or some other Gungan
Hands: Tessek
Waist and Legs: Weequay
Boots: Rune Hacko

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