Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boba Fett - Something To Prove

Though I'm not crazy about the whole Jango/Boba Fett plotline from the prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars' depiction of Boba Fett growing into the role of bounty hunter does have a certain appeal. I was actually inspired by a custom of a younger Jango Fett by AgentClaret, as I initially mistook it for a younger Boba.
This got me thinking about how Boba Fett might look like when he's finally old enough to just fit into the armor of his dead father. I used undersized parts in some places, while other pieces are intentionally oversized, hopefully to give just enough skewed proportion to show that things don't quite fit right and he's yet to grow into evertything.

I opted for the animated style head, but gave the eyes and eyebrows a repaint to give them a bit more of a real world appearance.

His armor is configured much like the Boba Fett we recognize from ESB and ROTJ, but the pieces are still unpainted and are the original gunmetal as when Jango wore them. I'm sure the expanded universe states exactly when the helmet got its famous dent, but I've gone ahead and added it here to allude toward his adult appearance, like the single sided gunbelt and the choice of weapons.

Parts Recipe:
B'arin Apma - Torso, Left Gauntlet, Boots
Dred Priest - Legs
Rav Bralor - Arms
Boba Fett - Head, Hands
Boba Fett - Blaster Carbine
Jango Fett - Gun Belt, Blaster
Various Episode 2 Jangos - Gauntlet, Helmet, Backpack


  1. Absolutely love this one!!

  2. Great job! Really enjoying your work to age younger figures. The results - fantastic.

  3. wow.. this would fly off the shelves if hasbro did it

  4. Thanks for visiting my site and your kinds words! Glad you enjoyed some of my work. :)