Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kal Skirata - Mandalorian Patriarch

Based on the character from Karen Traviss's Republic Commando series, Kal Skirata marks one of the first times I've actually tackled an Expanded Universe character. I'm always reluctant to do customs of established characters because the Customizer's Curse means an official one will be announced within a few days of finishing a custom based on an existing character.

I read the books over a year ago, and skimmed Wookieepedia for a quick refresher, but I went off my impression of what I remember about the character so I'm sure he's not entirely accurate.

I'm not sure he ever wore his jacket and armor together, but I liked the idea and differentiates him from just another Boba/Jango palette swap.

Parts Recipe:
Mij Gilamar - Base Figure, Helmet
Rebel Trooper - Coat
ROC Shipwreck - Gloves
Indiana Jones - Forearms
El-Les - Shatter Gun


  1. Kal looks great. One of my favorite SW characters. The jacket was a good idea.

  2. It was my impression that he did wear the armor under his jacket. 👍[^}