Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mandalorian Commander

Another simple repaint with a head swap, though this one did involve transplanting a second holster so he dual wield those pistols for a little old west flavor. Mandalorians are fun because with just a few signature elements (a t-visor, a range finder, or their armor pattern and symbols) you can do countless color and accessory variation. I'm in awe of the customizers who so far as original sculpted helmets and such to make Mando's of varying alien species. Mine, for now, remain mostly humanoid.

I thought the black and white color scheme with red visor made him look rather dynamic, denoting him as a commander or some other rank of importance on the battlefield, though the red and white have a distinct "medic" feeling to them.

Parts Recipe:
Concept Boba Fett - Helmet
Concept Snow Trooper - Base figure, additional pistol and holster

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