Tuesday, April 12, 2011

T.N.T - Bomb Deactivator

 First a little GI Joe history for those of you unfamiliar with some of the more obscure aspects of the line. Often the GI Joe brand was released over seas by various foreign toy companies. Often these were just repacks with foreign packaging, but sometimes these companies repainted and kitbashed parts are made entirely new characters.

T.N.T. is based on his Argentinian release, in order to fill out the ranks of Argentina figures done in the modern style started by the 2009 GI Joe convention exclusive.

T.N.T.'s  specialty is listed as Bomb Deactivator, but his parts and accessories, along with variant accessories give him quite a confusing appearance. He's got the sculpt and backpack of a flamethrower soldier, and while the armor padding makes sense for bomb disposal, the silver suggest flame retardant material . Add to that the fact he came with a medic's helmet and different assault rifles (though one variation did equip him with the blowtorch to go with his backpack) and he certainly doesn't look like JUST a "bomb deactivator" to me.

So in my mind, T.N.T. is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Not every international counter part to GI Joe enjoy's the funding and resources of the American team, so sometimes the Argentina members have to double up on their roles and duties. T.N.T. here always draws the short stick and ends up having to take a crash course in whatever specialty is needed.

I made a few minor tweaks to the paint job, but tried to be as true to the original figure as I could. I did have to go with a smaller head so the helmet would fit.

Parts Recipe:
Blowtorch - Base figure, Backpack
ROC Grand Slam - Head
ROC Doc - Helmet
ROC Charbroil - Flamethrower, Hose
ROC Tunnel Rat - Satchel

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