Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ahsoka Tano - On The Run

I don't often like to tackle established characters in Star Wars... chances are they'll get an official release at some point, or don't leave a lot of room from interpretation.
I thought I'd try making Ahsoka Tano in a more "movie" style, as opposed to her official and highly stylize Clone Wars release, as she might appear a little older and on the run after Order 66.
I found a lot of the Clone Wars style heads can be "fixed" to mesh with realistic sculpts with an eye repaint, and was quite please with the results here.

Parts Recipe:
Ahsoka - Head, Gloves, Belts, Lightsabers
Shaak Ti - Elbows
Concept Starkiller Hero - Torso, Legs
Padme Amidala - Upper Arms
Clone Emperor - Feet


  1. That came out great! the head looks perfect for movie style. Great work on this one!

  2. Really cool figure. Love what you did here.

  3. Very imaginative... I am surprised how good the head looks repainted. Nice work

  4. Really like the way she turned out. Think it shows an older Ahsoka very well!

  5. The transition from teen Togruta to young adult is perfect. Great work, Dan, great work.

  6. awesome job you should make more of ahsoka like her after war with ripped clothes and dirl all over her