Monday, May 23, 2011

Knightwatch Aide - Adjutant Olariss

Commissioned after the end of the Clone Wars by the Emperor, "Knightwatch" was the codename given to a select group of Clone veterans assembled for the purpose of hunting down rogue Jedi, Clone deserters, and their supporters. Despite serving a similar purpose, the group operated independently of Vader's 501st.

Knightwatch exists and operates somewhere amongst the cracks between the infrastructure of the ISB, Imperial Intelligence, and the Imperial Military. The group enjoys a good deal of free reign in their operations, operating on and answering to the Emperor's interests.

Adjutant Olariss is one of the few support staff in the Knightwatch, and is the personal aid to the Moff who oversees the group's operations. Quiet and reserved, she could easily be mistaken for a secretarial clerk but in fact is a cunning and efficient master of bureaucracy.

Her resourcefulness and immense intelligence allow her to navigate the complexities of the young Empire and keep the existence and purpose of Knightwatch well concealed between lines of code and audit points. Her mind is catalog of pertinent resources and intelligence available for the group at a moment's notice.

Her cold demeanor and quiet, calculating mind have left a lot of Knightwatch's commandos wondering if she's really an advanced droid model, a rumor that does not leave her well liked by the veterans of the Clone Wars.

Parts Recipe:
Mara Jade - Head
Padme (Republic Senator) - Neck, arms, hands

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