Friday, May 27, 2011

Knightwatch Demolitions - Charge

Commissioned after the end of the Clone Wars by the Emperor, "Knightwatch" was the codename given to a select group of Clone veterans assembled for the purpose of hunting down rogue Jedi, Clone deserters, and their supporters. Despite serving a similar purpose, the group operated independently of Vader's 501st.

The Imperial Commandos of Knightwatch are made up solely of former Clone Troopers and Clone Commanders who performed exceptionally during the Clone Wars. Due to the unacceptable rate of rejection of Order 66 by altered Clone castes, like the ARCs, Null-ARCs, and Republic Commandos, it was decided only Troopers and Commanders would be used in the operation to ensure the highest levels of loyalty and adherence to all orders.

CT-5470, or "Charge", is responsible for explosives in Knightwatch operations. Charge does not view himself, or other clones, in high regard and refers to them as "Meat-Droids." He identifies the worst possible outcome of any situation, and while some view this as pessimism or fatalism, Charge believes it's a pragmatic point of view that's kept him alive throughout the Clone Wars.

Normally his personality would be considered too high of a variance from the accepted Clone template for Knightwatch, but Charge proved himself exceptionally loyal to his orders when he detonated a small explosive pack at close range to the Jedi he was serving with when Order 66 was issued. Somehow Charge survived the explosion  whole, but not without extensive injuries. Upon waking up from an extended healing treatment he was recruited in Knightwatch.

"Charge"  wears modified stealth variant Katarn-class armor with reinforced armor, soft-points, and helmet. He carries a DC-17m with explosive attachment and an ammunition pack, as well as a remote explosive kit.

Parts Recipe:
Omega Squad - Base Figure, Blaster, Pack, Ammunition
ARC Troopers - Lower Legs

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