Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schleich's "Oracle" Display Review

I've been tempted by some of Schleich's offerings for a while now... they looked nicely detailed, offered settings not offered in other toy lines, and appeared to be a good match in scale for most of the 1:18-ish figures I tend to customize.

Price has always prevented me from checking these out, but I was happy to snag the "Oracle" display at Toys R Us for $15 today, down from $60 according to the tag. At full price, and maybe even at half that, I couldn't justify it. That's not to say it's overpriced, at least compared to what Hasbro offers in a similar price point. But $15 for a complete display like this is a sure thing for me.

While I can't call it versatile, it's certainly got its uses. Any fantasy based figures will look right at home here, and with a little paint Thor fans couldn't ask for a better Asgard to display the movie figures on. I didn't even really notice it was split into a light and dark motif until I got home and set it up... seems like it would make a wonderful way to display "The Ones" and the physical embodiment of the Force on Mortis and with a little paint could make a Korriban altar.

The large stone dial between the curved pillars has an inner wheel that spins to reveal various runes, but is easily removed leaving a stylistic gateway. The top of the table can be removed with the base acting as a smaller altar, and the base in turn can be removed as well, though there is an indention in the rock pattern left behind.

I should have gotten a few shots with figures but the scale is quite nice, the table reaching right around mid-height.

I'm quite happy with this first offering from Schleich that I've finally checked out. If you can find it for a price-point that doesn't make you hyperventilate, grab it!

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