Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tintagel - The Queen

Aura inherited the throne of Tintagel at a very young age, but proved quite the capable Queen. Her rule saw years of peace, tranquility, and prosperity for the small castle-state... a trend that could have continued indefinitely if not for the arrival of the Horde from distant lands.

The travelers Ash and Nicademus brought word of the approaching forces, and were quickly welcomed into Tintagel's small but formidable military force when the Queen was captured and a rescue was enacted.

She happily shared Tintagel's dominion with the wyverns that occupied the caves beneath the castle and enjoyed a powerful alliance with the shrewd dragonians.

Her apparent death at the hands of an assassin coinciding with the Horde's arrival on Tintagel's coast would usher in a dark, sad period for the coastal keep...

Parts Recipe:
Breha Organna - Base figure
Padme Amidala - Hands
Evolutions Padme Amidala - Head
Lockheed - Wyvern
Polly - Wyvern's tallons

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  1. Great parts use!! Hope school is kicking your butt too badly.