Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tintagel - The Ronin

 Nicademus, the Ronin, joined Ash on his petition of the far Kingdoms for aide against the invasion of the Horde. Like Ash, he soon found himself caught up in Tintagel's own struggles against the forefront of the Horde's forces.

It was a powerful teleportation spell gone wrong that fused the once human Nicademus with his mount, a large black dragon. It would always be unclear just how much of each being survived the accident... as Nicademus became increasingly more draconic in spirit as time passed.

He would eventually move into the Wyvern catacombs beneath the castle and act as their caretaker and ambassador.

Sadly, the longevity inherited from his dragon-half would ensure Nicademus would outlive the kingdom itself.

Parts Recipe:
Nemesis Immortal - Wings
Montezuma's Skeleton - Loin cloth
Sebulba - Head
Frost Giant - Base Figure

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