Monday, September 12, 2011

SAW Vipers

More fun tweaking new releases to better suit my taste. The new heavy-weapons Iron Grenadier really doesn't fit my collection (I just use a couple IG as Destro's body guards) but saw the potential in the design and gear. This is where the rest of my "Rock Viper Red" paint I mixed up came in handy, as I used it to repaint the pinkish armor parts and some of the pads here.

I'd wanted to do this since I saw "big gun" Destro, but never saw one on shelves. I think the gray of the IG probably works better than Destro's red body would have, but would still like to track a couple down so they can have his gun as well. Decided I liked them more without the shoulder armor, so I filled in those holes on the vest and painted over them. Helmet is movie Hydras with the visor modified. Very happy with how these came out! Oh, and that ammobelt fits much better in the backpack if your trim down the first two bullets (the ones furthest from the gun) just a little. Also cut the backpack peg off the gun mounted ammo boxes.

Parts Recipe:
Iron Grenadier - Base Figure and gear
Hydra Soldier - Helmet

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