Friday, December 30, 2011

Razor - Dreadnok

As a young woman, Razor was kicked out of almost every boarding school, prep school, and finishing school in and around London until she came of age and the money stopped flowing. Her well-to-do family cut her off and severed all ties with her, downright afraid of the wild-eyed trouble maker their daughter had grown up to be.

Razor probably would have spent the rest of her life as a petty criminal, if it weren't for a Cold Slither Reunion Tour. She caught Zartan's eye when he saw her beating up the local thug security hired for the show and knew she was Dreadnok material immediately.

The figure started out as a spruced up version of the 80's style Storm figure, but I decided I had more use for a new Dreadnok.

Parts Recipe:
RoC Baroness - Base Figure
Storm - Head, Upper Arms, Jacket
X-23 - Boots

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Momma 'Geddon - Dreadnok Den Mother

Someone has to keep the Grape Soda flowing and the donut boxes full for the rest of the Dreadnoks, and that someone is known as Momma 'Geddon. She's the matriarch of the mercenary biker gang and makes sure all of her hellions are well cared for, attending to everything from keeping bar to brokering arms deals.

Though she never accompanies the Dreadnoks out in the field, her word is law on any compound she's managing. Zartan trusts her to keep the gang occupied enough to stay out of any real trouble between missions.

Parts Recipe:
Yarna D'Al'Gargan - Torso, Arms, Legs
Malakili - Head
Baroness - Boots
Another Baroness - Hair
Takeel - Skirt
Mystique - Bodice Skull