Saturday, October 27, 2012

Genghis Rex - Tyrannos Leader

Rex is another 80/90's toon villain I've been wanting to tackle for a while, but kept going back to the drawing board because I couldn't find just the right parts. He's the big bad from Dinosaucers. The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figure proved a "good enough" base, though I'm disappointed he lacks the standard Joe torso and hip articulation. He's got enough armor to hide those short comings though, and really came to life when I started to detail him. I opted for a more subdued brown and purple over his toon gear's blue and orange, and went with a darker, truer red for his skin tone to make him a little more viscous.

He was made for the big Group Projects recap at, and you can read how I wove him into the "Dino-Hunters" project here.

Parts Recipe
Jurassic Park T-rex - Head, Feet
Jurassic Park Velociraptor - Hunting Raptor
ASM Lizard - Base Figure 
Pablo-Jill - Hands
Nemesis Immortal - Chest Armor
Storm Shadow - Lower Armor


  1. I think you've convinced me to pick a few of those ASM Lizard figures for fantasy lizardmen customs.

    That is some impressive custom work. I am inspired.

  2. Pretty sweet Dan. I miss your frequent posts.

    1. Thanks, I miss them too! :D Working on a BFA, and while I sneak in some custom figures whenever I can, I'm not producing as much as I was before. That and with GIJoe on hiatus and Star Wars stuck on the same old peg warmers, there's not a lot of inspirational fodder. But I've got about half a dozen figures I need to photograph, and a couple dozen WIPs, so I'm still at it! Always appreciative of your feedback.