Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twi'lek Citizen

Another figure that's been sitting on the shelf unfinished for a while, I decided to finish her up for the current Yakfinities project, Ladies of the Galaxy.

Parts Recipe:
Darth Talon - Head
Uhura - Dress
Leesub Sirlin - Arms, Legs

R'neemyra - Wookiee Huntress

Made for the first Yakfinities I've been able to participate in a while, Ladies of the Galaxy, I opted to create a female wookiee.

Parts Recipe:
Rorworr - Head
Aurra Sing - Hair Plume
CW Chewbacca - Body, arms, hands, legs
CW Plo Koon - Arms Wraps
Wooof - Leg Wraps
Chewbacca - Feet