Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoey - Left 4 Dead

 Finally! After a long hiatus, I've finally finished the original L4D Survivors lineup. Zoey was on the back burner because I couldn't find the right head, but the Lady Jaye from the new movie figures looked like a good place to start. I carefully removed the bright makeup with acetone, and the result was close enough for me. I sculpted the rolled up cuffs onto her jeans, and she was ready for paint.

I think one of the main reasons my wife enjoyed playing L4D with our gaming group as much as she did was because they included a great playable female character in the mix. It's annoying more games have yet to pick up on this, and I'm interested to see if the FPS genre acknowledges and embraces the official presence of women in combat duty roles. Good on Valve for creating characters like Zoey, Rochelle, and Chell. Ladies in multi-character games have been around since AT LEAST 1988!

Parts Recipe:
Lady Jaye - Head, Legs
Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara - Torso, Arms, Hands


  1. Totally nailed Zoey's design. Fantastic.

  2. Cuffs and sneakers are nice touch. Like the sidearm, as well.

  3. Zoey turned out fantastic. Great to see the 4 together!