Sunday, October 5, 2014

Arys "Styx" Takar - Order 66 Survivor

Arys Takar was one of the few young Jedi to escape the Purge, thanks to the sacrifice of her master and the reluctant aid of a Clone Trooper, torn between allegiance to his Jedi general and the Republic. Separated from everyone she's ever known and left to wander the galaxy as a refuge and outlaw, Arys quickly learned to hide her true identity. Cutting off her Padawan braid and shaving her head to pass as a young boy, Arys adopted the name "Styx" and poses and young Bounty Hunter initiate... a disguise that puts hides her in plain sight before many of the hunters who would happily turn her in for the reward if they knew she was a Jedi. Cleverly, Arys uses the connections her Styx persona affords her to track down other rogue Padawans and possible allies.

Arys was a fun, quick figure made for Yakfinities #54 - Order 66 Survivors. I've come to really enjoy the post RotS era thanks to Clone Wars, the Republic Commando novels, and Rebels looks promising as well, and Padawans are a fun subject to tackle.

Parts Recipe:
Anakin Skywalker - Head, Arms, Legs
Cloud Car Pilot - Helmet
El-Les - Tunic

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