Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bio-Vipers Beta - Genetically Engineered Soldiers

The Bio-Viper project continues with this "Beta" form, capable of forming itself into a more defined shape with a rock hard density. Cognitive abilities advance alongside physical definition, with this stage being capable of basic labor and following simple vocal instructions in addition to its direct behavioral programming. Without a true brain, these bio-forms will never be capable of independent thought, but should be able to process and learn information on par with the Battle Android Technology with a physical strength to match. The advantage being that the Bio-Viper can be grown at a fraction of the time and cost of its mechanical counterpart, with expended matter being easily recycled into new grow vats.

The Green Lantern figures come through again as a great step in showing an evolution of the Bio-Vipers' growth. As with the Omega, the Beta just has his head turned around with detail shaved and sanded away.

Parts Recipe:
Green Lantern Kilowag - Base Figure

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