Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Carcosan - Pit Monster

I thought I'd seen most of the old GI Joe cartoon. Then I bought the excellent GI Joe Field Manual which collects characters and vehicle production art and discovered there was a treasure trove of episodes I hadn't seen and characters designs to inspire customs. Seeing the art for the original (and very different) ancestral mask for Destro, as well as the McCullen druids, I immediately looked up "Skeletons in the Closet" and was thrilled by the episode. I knew I wanted to try to incorporate the idea of COBRA meddling with a tentacled, mythos-esque monster in my 'Joe verse. I eventually want to make a diorama for this guy and the COBRA mystics to populate, but here's the beast beneath the McCullen ancestral home. Having also gotten into True Detective and The King in Yellow mythology, I imagine this thing to be a guardian of a portal to Carcosa and a herald of the King in Yellow.

Parts Recipe:
Large Pacific Octopus toy - Base Body
Eye-Tentacle Costume Accessory - Big Ol' Eyeball

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